Yanitza Schoonover

Yanitza Schoonover is an attorney who focuses her practice on probate administration, probate litigation and estate planning matters.

Yanitza Schoonover is an experienced attorney that helps clients throughout the state of Florida with probate and estate planning matters. She focuses on clients needs and can assist them with Probate/Estate Administrations, such as Formal Administrations and Summary Administrations, and with Estate Planning.

Ways We Can Help You

  • Estate Administration

    We will assist in the administration of the estates for those whose loved ones have passed away with or without a will.

  • Beneficiary Representation

    We will represent those individuals who are beneficiaries of a Will or a Trust and/or heir of an estate in which the decedent passed away without a Will or Trust and want to be sure that the executor/personal representative of the estate or Trustee of the Trust is fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.

    We will also help beneficiaries and/or heirs in the potential removal of executors and or trustees in the event that they are not complying with their fiduciary obligations.

  • Executor Representation

    We will assist those individuals who have been appointed as executor/personal representative of a loved ones Will. We will also assist those individuals who desire to be the executor/personal representative of their loved ones estate who passed without a Will.

  • Avoiding Probate

    We can help you and your lovd ones avoid the probate process, if appropriate, through the creation of a proper estate plan.

  • Guardianship

    We can also help you help those loved ones who can no longer care for themselves through obtaining a guardianship, if appropriate.

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